Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Speaks to Graduates at Charter College

Besides dazzling us with his athletic ability on Saturday, June 6, at the 
Celebrity Softball Game, SHEMAR MOORE also spoke to the 
Graduates at Charter College Long Beach. He is funny, touching, 
and inspiring in the video which the school was kind 
enough to share on YouTube. 

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Celebrity Softball Game Interview

As every serious SHEMAR MOORE fan already knows, our Baby Boy was one of
the stars who played on Saturday, June 6, in the Celebrity Softball Game
held at Dodgers Stadium.

We were all dazzled by SHEMAR's amazing leap over a fence going for a ball,
proving that our forty-five year old hero's still got it!!

Photo by Jon SooHoo/ @LosAngeles Dodgers, LLC 2015

The LA Times published an article and video of interview
clips with some of the stars, our Baby Boy included. SHEMAR
comes in at 1:10. He is followed by CSI:Cyber star and former
CRIMINAL MINDS unsub, Tobias Hankel/James Van Der Beek.

Click here for video ~
Celebrity Softball Game 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Derek Morgan Has a Birthday

Our handsome hero, SSA Derek Morgan, turned 43 on June 6.
So many of us wish we were there to celebrate with him, but then,
he was with the lovely Savannah. Or was it pretty Penelope?

Whoever it was that spent the day with our favorite 
CRIMINAL MINDS profiler, was one lucky lady.
Best wishes, Derek! 

Forty-three looks good on you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE vs Derek Morgan ~ How Well Do You Know Them?

Derek Morgan

SSA Derek Morgan, FBI agent on "Criminal Minds", has been an iconic
hero for the past ten years. Agent Morgan has been adeptly portrayed
by SHEMAR MOORE and you might think that the two men are

pretty similar. Yes, they are. However, the "truly obsessed" fans, 
like most LovingMoore members, know the difference. 

How well do you know Morgan/Shemar? 
Take our test. 


1) SHEMAR MOORE turned 45 years old on April 20. How old is Derek
Morgan and what is his birthday?

2) According to SHEMAR's bio, he is 6'1" tall. How tall is Derek
Morgan? (No, they are not the same.)

3) SHEMAR MOORE was born in Oakland, California.
Where was Derek born?

4) Morgan and SHEMAR both went to college on athletic scholarships.
SHEMAR's main sport was baseball. What was Morgan's?

5) Derek Morgan graduated from Northwestern University.
From what college did SHEMAR graduate?

6) Morgan got a law degree. What was SHEMAR's major?
SHEMAR and his cousin Tyranny
7) SHEMAR is often seen with his cousin, Tyranny. 
Derek Morgan's cousin was featured in two episodes of CM. 
What's Derek's cousin's name? 

8) Morgan goes home every November for his mother's birthday.
In what month is SHEMAR's mother's birthday? 

SHEMAR and his real-life mom

9) SHEMAR MOORE has used boxing as part of his fitness routine,
but Morgan who holds a black belt in a martial art. What is it?

10) Morgan has a dog named Clooney.
What is SHEMAR's dog's name?



1) Morgan's birthday is June 6, 1973. He is 42.
2) According to the description given by the cop in 
"Profiler, Profiled," Derek is 6 feet tall.
3) Derek was born inChicago.
4) A football scholarship.
5) Santa Clara College
6) Communications.
7) Cindy
8) September
9) Judo
10) SHEMAR has two dogs, Moe and Shug.

80 - 100% You are a very obsessed fan.

50 - 70% You're a fan but not a fanatic/

40% or less ~ Why are you on a SHEMAR/Morgan forum?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ To Be Honored By MS Society

There are so many reasons why we are SHEMAR MOORE fans and this is just 
one of a long list. We've long supported him proudly for his work on behalf
of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and we weren't surprised when he
 the information that he and his mother were to be honored  
at an event in August. 

 your mom, Marilyn Wilson Moore
~ With Love From Your
Friends, Fans and Baby Girls at


Monday, April 27, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Daytime Emmy Awards 2015

As promised, our SHEMAR MOORE was at the Daytime Emmys on April 26 and
looking exceptionally fine. Nobody shines up better than our Baby Boy. He
presented the award for Outstanding Lead Actress but not until after he
commented on how it was "good to be home." He talked about the
Y&R folks who took a chance on him 21 years ago and started
him on the career he has today.

If you missed SHEMAR, we're grateful that his appearance has been posted
on YouTube. Enjoy the moment as he presents the Emmy to
Maura West from "General Hospital. "

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


One of our hard-working LovingMoore Mods found this fantastic photo
of SHEMAR MOORE from a few years back. He was looking good
at that event and we are excited that he will be one of the
presenters at the upcoming 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy
Awards Show. Looking forward to new pictures from
the event. as we can never get enough SHEMAR.

The Awards show will air live on Sunday, April 26 at
8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on POP.