Monday, April 6, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Know What Today Is? ~ April 6

It was an occasion that might have been overlooked had it not been for LovingMoore
Moderator, Angie, who remembered SHEMAR MOORE's post a few days ago 
about today being the birthday of his career. On April 6, 1994 SHEMAR received
a phone call saying that the producers at "The Young and the Restless" liked his 
audition and he'd been hired for the role of Malcolm Winters. 

Congratulations, SHEMAR, on twenty-one successful years as an actor.
 Break a leg, Baby Boy, as you go forward.
We know the best is yet to come.

~With love and support from your Friends, Fans,
 and Baby Girls at LovingMoore

Saturday, April 4, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Happy Easter! ~ Family & Friends

She kicked my butt!!! But, I PAID!!
Happy, Happy FUN EASTER with My

Remember this funny post from SHEMAR MOORE on
Easter 2013? This moment that he shared with us of himself
and his mother, we are reminded of the importance of
family and friends. No matter what holidays
we celebrate, they are joyous because of
the people we spend them with. 

Happy Easter!
~ from LovingMoore

Monday, March 30, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Huge Baby Girl Sale ~ Two Days Left!!!

Every girl enjoys looking good and judging by photos of the ladies SHEMAR MOORE has
selected for his BABY GIRLS of the DAY, we all look darn good when we wear
BABY GIRL fashions.

Is it because the clothes are so pretty? Or, is it because we feel pretty in the colorful,
sexy, and very stylish outfits? Maybe, too, we feel good wearing BABY GIRL
because we know our purchase went to help a worthy cause. BABY GIRL
profits are donated to Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Anyway, Spring is here. Time for some new clothes.

Two more days left of a huge sale at

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Baby Girl Fashions

Not everyone has the body for booty shorts. It's a shame because
they are super cute. However, at SHOP.SHEMARMOORE.COM
there are attractive fashions designed to suit Baby Girls all sizes,   
shapes and age. SHEMAR created BABY GIRL clothing with  
every girl in mind. They're comfortable, attractive and modestly 
priced. Sizes range from XS to 3XXX. There's a great sale going
on right now. It's a good opportunity to get some new clothes for 
Spring and help a worthwhile cause. The profits from 
BABY GIRL are donated to Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ LovingMoore Giving Love to SHEMAR

photo by Samuel Whitworth @FashionStudios

Last September, LovingMooreAndMore Message Board turned four
years old. What began with a little blog a few years earlier, has 
now expanded to several forums. Our fantastic group of Moderators
work to keep LovingMoore up-to-date on latest SHEMAR MOORE
news, photos, and topics. We strive to provide a positive place for 
SHEMAR fans, and LovingMoore stands in support of his many 
projects, career and personal. 

We invite you to visit our Message Board at 

Follow us on Twitter 

Join us on Facebook at

On our newest forum, Instagram, we try to post 
original or rarely seen SHEMAR photos. 

Welcome SHEMAR fans!

Monday, March 16, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Another Fun Look Back

In 2000, SHEMAR MOORE appeared on BET Live along with Denzel
Washington. This lost gem was recently posted on YouTube by
Daree Allen and was found by one of our astute LovingMoore
Moderators, Gibra71. Enjoy the moment with 29 year old SHEMAR.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paget Brewster Is Having a Birthday

She was our Emily Prentiss on "Criminal Minds" for seven seasons
and saddened legions of fans when she left but we still love her.

Wishing Paget Brewster a very Happy Birthday
from her fans at LovingMoore.